2010 Yunnan Sourcing “Yi Bang” tasting!

2010 Yunnan Sourcing Autumn “Yi Bang” Ancient Arbor Raw Pu-erh

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Date of tasting:  2010.11.29  Soundtrack:  Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert
6.5 grams of tea brewed in a 120ml gaiwan
Cake compression is medium… somewhat heavy for a stone-press.
First infusion (30 seconds) … Smooth, silky and aromatic in the mouth.  Hints of sugarcane and fruit.  Mouth feeling is pleasant.
Leaves not awakened yet.
Second infusion (40 seconds):  Thick mouth feeling and gliding through the mouth, stimulating the mouth and throat in a pleasant. High aroma grass and fruit.  Slight astringency.
Third infusion (50 seconds):  Leaves opened up more… dark olive “gu shu” color but their small size reveals that they are primitive Yi Bang small-medium varietal.  Golden yellow tea soup.  Flavor is stronger now and the hui gan and mouth watering is really kicking in!
Fourth infusion (60 seconds):  The astringency is more pronounced now, but not overwhelming.  It brings with it a strong pungent smell, feeling and taste that enlivens and alters.
Fifth Infusion (60 seconds):  Tea soup color has not changed… the sweet/bitter/astringent is a little stronger than before, its hard to separate which is stronger… mouth is watering and by body heats up from this rich cha qi!
Sixth Infusion (70 seconds):  Tea is still thick and tea soup a soupy golden yellow, but the tea’s astringent bit has faded somewhat, giving way to something sweet and almost malty.  It’s thick like a trappist ale.  Burp!
Seventh Infusion (90 seconds):  The tea is back to silky, gliding through my mouth, but with something alive and popping!  Still thick and flavorful.
Eight Infusion (110 seconds):  This is the first infusion where I noticed the tea soup is light shade of honey golden.  The flavor is still pronounced but smooth.  Hard to tell what’s influencing my mouth feeling.  Is it the previous infusions?  Like an old friend who doesn’t need to make a joke to bring a smile to my lips, this tea warms and delights.
I could keep going but I need to squeeze in alot more teas today and so I’ll check in again soon with this Yi Bang cake!

3 thoughts on “2010 Yunnan Sourcing “Yi Bang” tasting!

  1. Tea looks delightful, not surprisingly. But more importantly, that is a great soundtrack! I didn’t know Minnie Driver sang… and we always enjoy a little pickin’ with our puer.

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